Upvc windows and door are proven to be maintenance free windows.

Synthetic Thatch Roof

Higher longevity, lesser maintenance, and better cost efficiency are major benefits!


WinRoyal Roofing offers IKO’s Laminated Fiberglass Shingles in various color options.

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Reliable Provider of Aesthetically Pleasing and Long-lasting Artificial Thatch Roofs

Higher longevity, lesser maintenance, and better cost efficiency, among other benefits, are the reasons Synthetic Thatch Roofs are growing in popularity. Across India and the world, artificial thatch roofs are coming up in growing numbers in amusement parks, beach-view resorts, luxury villa projects, themed gardens, zoos, and restaurants. At WinRoyal Windows and Doors Pvt. Ltd., we strive to fulfill this escalating demand by proving premium quality, imported artificial thatch roofs to a diverse clientele across multiple industries.

Weather Resistance

WinRoyal windows and doors have proven to be of excellent quality as a result they do not degrade as weather changes for many years.

High Security

GI Reinforcement makes WinRoyal’s windows makes a perfect solution keeping in mind security and also high quality hardware and expert technician wil add on to safety measures at every level

Maintenance Free

Upvc windows and door are proven to be maintenance free windows. There is no need of painting. WinRoyal windows have no effect of any insects or coastal climates. It gets cleaned by simply wiping with normal water.

High Sound Insulation

WinRoyal uses special DGU – Double Glass Unit to provide sound insulation and also high quality gasket gives additional sound insulation with proven results. Use of High Quality Siliconised Wool Brush for better Sound Reduction. All Gaps between Frame and Sills/Marble will be filled by UV Resistant Silicon which will give Maximum Sound Insulation. Use of DGU Double Glass Unit filled with Argon Gas for better Sound Insulation

Efficient Thermal Insulation

WinRoyal uses high quality uPVC profile giving excellent thermal insulation this is possible only because of Multi-chambered Profile. Fusion-welding prevents transfer air-leakage thus reducing your AC consumption and electricity bill by 30%. Use of DGU Double Glass Unit filled with Argon Gas for better Thermal Insulation

Maximum Water Tightness

WinRoyal windows have been successfully installed in Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai and other places with heavy rainfall and proven results of no water seepage. To add further hidden water hole system will allow water to freely make its way outside

Fire Retardant

One of the main feature of uPVC is that it does not supports flames. Results have shown that it will not be a cause or increase unintentional fire for life. Unlike wooden windows which increases fire.


All our products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Delivering the best in India!

WinRoyal is the only company offering 20 years of warranty on all the products.

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Synthetic Thatch Roof
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