The IKO Asphalt Shingle Roof consists of mainly asphalt saturants, coatings and fibreglass base materials. These components are then combined during the production process. Asphalt is a unique material which occurs both naturally and as a by-product of crude oil refining.

The mat is then coated with asphalt which contains mineral fillers and makes the fiberglass shingle waterproof.

Two distinct layers are then laminated together with asphalt sealant and thereby combing the strength of two shingles for better quality.


Cedar is prized for its natural beauty and durability in tough climate conditions. Great Asthetic Value enhancing roofing which blends with the Environment. Naturally resistant to moisture, decay, swelling and wraping makes them very durable. CCA treated to protect Cedar from being destroyed by termites and other wood boring insects. Cedar’s unique cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator. Keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cedar is lightweight and earthquake safe. Weighing 2½ pounds per square foot, cedar shingles are one of the lightest and toughest roofing materials. Cedar shingles withstand winds exceeding 120 mph. Cedar is RENWABLE RESOURCE. It is RECYCLABLE, REUSABLE & BIODEGRADABLE.

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