Synthetic Thatch Roofing Solutions by WinRoyal

Bali Beckons!

Recreating the Beautiful Bali Look in India with WinRoyal

Inspired by the natural Bali thatch roof found in Indonesia, we offer 
Synthetic Thatch Roofing with a striking resemblance and superior 

A Gamut of Applications

Rugged design, delicate appearance, hassle-free installation, and practically nil maintenance make WinRoyal’s Synthetic Thatched Roofing products the growing choice of residential, commercial, and institutional clients.
Our products find application in diverse settings, including:

Create a Smooth and Harmonious Space by Choosing the Right Synthetic Thatch Roof

You may be tempted by the extensive variety of Synthetic
Thatched Roofs available in the market. However, the task is to
make your selected product sync seamlessly with the locally
available grass for a balanced and natural look. Otherwise, it will
not blend in easily with the surroundings and hence make it look

At WinRoyal, we work towards minimizing your investment and
reducing project costs. After studying your local site conditions
and considering your individual preferences, we suggest you the
best Artificial Thatch Roof product that offers you the most
optimal price/performance ratio.

Single Out Your Shade

WinRoyal primarily offers Synthetic Thatched Roofs in two varieties

Natural Light Colour

Standing out easily with the soothing yellowish tinge of a ‘freshly roofed’ natural thatch, these Synthetic Thatch Roofs are beautifully bright and closely resemble dried natural grass found in many Synthetic Thatch Roofs states like Assam, Manipur, and Tripura.

Aged Eco Colour

If you wish to recreate a classic or vintage look in your project, Aged Eco Colour is the best option. This type of artificial thatch looks like it has been sun dried for a long time and has a decidedly distinct gray tone. This type of artificial thatch is popular in Goa and other beach hotspots, where it is in high demand.

Why Synthetic Thatched Roofs Make Better Business Sense

Durable Beyond A Doubt

Longevity like Never Before! Perhaps you would be surprised to know that natural thatched roofs are maintenance-heavy; they need replacement every three years. Now isn’t this a glaring contrast with our artificial thatched roofs that come with a life expectancy of 40 years and a 20-year warranty. We take pride in mentioning that the first Synthetic Thatched Roof we installed at Alibaug 13 years ago at one of our clients’ sites is as intact as new even today!

Aesthetically Appealing

Every Bit Natural Looking Natural thatch roofs are an eye-catcher, even from a long distance. They have a certain charm and visual appeal, making them appear graceful. Now retain all the resplendence of natural thatching without its hassle and complexity with our synthetic thatch roofs.


Designed to Withstand Any Weather A given season is associated with a specific temperature range, which varies as the season changes. Ordinary Thatched Roofs many not be able to live up to these fluctuations. However, WinRoyal Artificial Synthetic Thatched Roofs, which are made of Polyethylene material, are robust enough to cope with wide temperature variations.

Green is Good

Ensuring Eco-safety As a responsible corporate player, WinRoyal has stringent polices when it comes to safeguarding the environment. We strive to protect and preserve the earth’s ecological heritage by reducing pollution and optimizing the use of precious natural resources through our products and processes. Made from HDPE, which is a non-toxic and 100% recyclable material, our synthetic roofing products do not degrade the environment in any way whatsoever.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

Rapid Setup
Setting up a WinRoyal Artificial Thatched Roof is, well, a breeze! No need to sweat it out like when you install natural roofing products. Our packaging comes with a handy Installation Guide that contains clear and easy instructions. Referring to this manual, even a layman can quickly and easily put up the roofing.

One- Time Investment

Zero Maintenance...? No Kidding! No water seepage; nil fading; zero decaying or rotting; no harmful emissions. WinRoyal Synthetic Thatched Roofing products indeed symbolize ‘only happiness, no headache’! Moreover, they are simple to setup, can resist fire, and do not pose health hazards by infestation from bugs and insects. They can be cleaned easily with mild soap water and do not necessitate repairs or restoration owing to their exceptional longevity. Also, being safe and rugged works out into lower insurance costs.

The Shine That Endures

UV Resistant and Waterproof The sun beating down mercilessly on natural roofing takes away its original shine. However, it’s not the case with WinRoyal Synthetic Thatch Roofs, which are made of fade resistant material and can withstand over exposure to harsh sunlight for years on end. Moreover, as the material is waterproof, there is no fear of seepage or leakage whenever it rains.

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