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Premium Quality Synthetic Palmex Leaves
Now get the traditional, charming look of a natural palmex thatch roof minus all the maintenance hassles. We have collaborated with a leading brand that is accepted in over 63 countries, to bring you exceptional thatch roofs made of superior synthetic palmex leaves.

How Life is Easier with Synthetic Palmex Leaves


Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a material well-known for its tensile strength and lightweight, our Synthetic Palmex Leaf roofing is more durable. Neither harsh climatic conditions nor rough and tough use will affect its aesthetic appearance and splendid performance.

Exceptional Wind Resistance

With the ability to withstand high-velocity winds (up to 260km/hr), our product holds ground even in extremely windy regions. It is ideally suited for beach destinations that are often the target of storms and cyclones. Whether it’s Alibaug in Maharashtra, Candolim in Goa, or Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, WinRoyal Synthetic Palmex Leaves can effectively withstand the gusty winds experienced in these and similar places.


Our synthetic roofing products are made from high density polypropylene (HDPE), a specialty material with a unique molecular structure that gives it high crystallinity and an optimal strength/density ratio. HDPE helps protect and preserve the environment in many ways. It non-biodegradable, which means even after the utility of our roofs is over, they don’t decay and cause soil or water pollution. Being non-leaching, there is no risk of toxic materials ending up in the atmosphere. Moreover, our products are 100% recyclable, which means lesser raw materials are required for their production.

Health & Hygiene

Unlike natural roofing products, our synthetic roofs do not attract pesky bugs, insects, creepers, and crawlers. Thus they do not pose hazard of infestation or risk of bites.

Fire Protection

We can offer Synthetic Thatch Roofs in Fire Retardant variety for clients who seek enhanced safety and reliability. Our FR Series Synthetic Palmex leaves are characterized by industrial-grade flame retardants that prevent the underlying material from further exposure to ignition, thus practically offering invincibility from fire.


Being fade resistant, our product retains its original colour; long exposure to heat and sunlight does not affect its colour composition.

Water Resistance

No matter whether it’s a light drizzle or a sub-tropical torrential downpour, our product provides total shield from water and wetness. From Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu to Kozhikode in Kerala and from Tarkarli in Maharashtra to Terekhol in Goa, WinRoyal Synthetic Palmex Leaves offer the same water resistant ability in any location that receives heavy rainfall.

Opt for WinRoyal Palmex for Your Next Project!

From Hotels & Resorts to standalone Beach Shacks, from Landscape projects to Amusement Parks & Zoos, WinRoyal Palmex turns out to be a trendy and time-tested roofing solution.

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