WinRoyal Synthetic Thatch Reed

Now get the natural charm of roofing thatch found in North India, backed by a 20-year warranty! WinRoyal Synthetic Thatch Reed Roofs bring the exotic natural look of Indian Grass Thatch. They are a cost-efficient roofing solution that maximizes value for your money, without cutting corners on visual elegance and functionality. Achieving the right mix of style and substance, WinRoyal offers highly durable Artificial Thatch Reed Roofs at the most competitive price point.

Practical Advantages of Using WinRoyal Artificial Thatch Reed

Multiple Supporting Bases; One Roofing Solution

Zero-Wastage Installation

WinRoyal Reeds can easily be put up on various supporting bases. This feature helps developers and owners reduce project cost, as existing structures, if any, can be used without any costly and time-consuming remodeling. WinRoyal Reeds can thus be laid directly over a current Roof structure, including:
  • Wooden panels
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal sheeting
  • Any other finished paneling

Why WinRoyal Artificial Thatch Reed Make Better Business Sense


You Get More Than You Expect!

Thatch roofs are essentially outdoor items. As such, they are at the mercy of the elements; be it rain, wind, or sunlight. However, WinRoyal Synthetic Roofs are designed to protect users from the vagaries of nature. They don’t fade, leak, rot, or get uprooted by gusty winds. They can be installed quite easily, do not attract any insects, and are available in a fire retardant variety as well.
Simple cleaning with mild soap water once in a while will make them look new. Also, you don’t incur heavy expenses owing to their superior durability. Moreover, being safe and rugged works out into lower insurance costs.

Shining Glory

Combating Sunlight, Enduring Rain

One of the key reasons why natural roofing products need to be replaced every three years is their limited durability; they can’t live up to the bright light of the sun and also don’t hold up in heavy rains. However, you need not worry when you buy WinRoyal Synthetic Thatch Roofs. Being made of fade resistant material, our products can endure over exposure to harsh natural light as well as torrential downpour. Whether they are put up in sunny Goa or in rain drenched Kerala, WinRoyal Synthetic Thatch
Roofs stand the test of time.


Safeguarding People and Property

Our WinRoyal Synthetic Reed Thatch is made from Class (A) fire retardant material, which is characterized by a ‘flame spread rating’ of between zero and 25. In simple terms, this means that even if a fire breaks out and increases in intensity, the roofs firmly stand ground. They help eliminate or minimize the risk to human life and material assets.


Superior Overall Protection

Bugs, birds, termites, mold, rodents, and insects do not find our WinRoyal Reed Thatch Roofs to be habitable. Hence toxic bug spays, insecticides, pesticides, etc, need not be used at the site.
Roof maintenance as such is out of the question, expect for basic cleaning, which saves both time and money. Our Roofs help create a relaxing space that is hygienic as well as safe.



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