Understanding the Different Types of Natural Thatch

Different Types of Natural Thatch

Natural thatch has been used as a roofing solution since pre-historic times. Serving as shelters for nomadic groups, this type of roofing – made with wild grass and straw bales – was noticeably found in ancient cultures and civilizations in many parts of the world.

Today, however, natural thatch roofs are used as much for their aesthetic grace as for purely functional purposes. One can come across natural thatch roofs in resorts, private villas, amusement parks, and themed landscaped spaces.

Types of Natural Thatch Roofs

Mexican Thatch

Mexican Palm Thatch is adored for its unique tropical look, which was originally used by the natives in Mexico to protect them from the harsh climate. This thatch is mostly used for putting up patios, cabanas, tiki bars, and in many other indoor and outdoor applications.

Bali Thatch

The beautiful, panoramic Bali landscape is simply incomplete without an infusion of the gorgeous Alang-Alang grass. Also known as ‘blady’ grass, Alang-Alang, which is similar in appearance to the mint plant, grows up to 10 feet and is found abundantly on the islands of Bali and Lombok in Indonesia; it also occurs in most parts of South East Asia. Bali thatch roofs are primarily used for structures such as gazebos, carports, BBQ decks, beach shacks, etc.

African Thatch

Yellow Thatching Grass, found throughout tropical Africa, squarely stands out with its longer reeds and is characterized by subtle hues of red, purple, and yellow. African Cape Reed Thatch is typically used in installing gazebos, tiki bars, umbrellas, and many other outdoor projects.

Cuban Thatch

Prominently found in sandy soils along Cuba’s Eastern coastline, Cuban Silver Thatch Palm features dark green fan leaves with a subtle silvery tone. Cuban Thatch is widely used in beach-side resorts to recreate the captivating tropical appearance.

Replicate the Exotic Natural Look with Premium Quality Artificial Thatch Roofs from WinRoyal

Though the rustic, charming look of natural thatch enables it to be used as a roofing solution in assorted projects, natural thatch roofs have their own set of limitations.

Aspects such as laborious installation, heavy maintenance, lesser durability, hygiene issues, safety challenges, environmental concerns, etc, go against them, reducing their ability to offer greater value for money to customers.

At WinRoyal, we help you recreate the splendor and vibrancy of natural thatch with our portfolio of artificial thatch roofing products. We are a trusted market leader, engaged in the manufacture and supply of premium quality synthetic thatch roofs. Our Assamese Thatch, Indonesian Thatch, and Canadian Reed are finding growing acceptance in assorted projects, ranging from tiki bars to farmhouses and beach shacks to private villas.

Remarkable Resemblance, Superb Substitutes!

Through our meticulously made artificial thatch roofs, we can help you capture the world’s diverse cultural and geographical overtones in your backyard or courtyard. For instance, Mexican thatch has an excellent similarity with the thatch roof found in Meghalaya and Assam; Bali thatch resembles the native grass found in Coorg, Kerala; and African thatch is straw that is similar to thatch found in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and Pondicherry. 

Customer First

We place our customers at the heart of our business. As a quality-focused enterprise shaped by integrity and excellence, WinRoyal strives to build lasting relationships with clients based on trust and commitment.

So if you are looking to recreate the charming look of natural thatch in your next project, get in touch with us for exploring the best artificial thatch roof option.