Various Types of Artificial Thatch Across the World

Different Types of Natural Thatch

Artificial thatch roofs have emerged as a better alternative to natural thatch over the last ten years. The ability to create the charming, exotic look of natural thatch without the hassle of costly maintenance or tedious installation has played out to the advantage of artificial thatch roofs.

Other key factors that have made artificial thatch roofs a ‘Set-N-Forget’ alternative to natural thatch include the eco-friendly aspect, better comfort & hygiene, greater safety, higher durability, and more value for money, among other benefits. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that synthetic thatch roofs are growing in popularity. From holiday resorts to farmhouses and theme parks to private villas, they are visible almost everywhere, both in private and commercial projects.

The predominant type of synthetic thatch roof used in a given place or location primarily depends on geographical, economic, and socio-cultural considerations. Let’s take a quick look at the various types of synthetic thatch roofs found across the world.

Somerset Thatch

Splendidly replicating the historic cottage style popular in Europe, Somerset Thatch consists of a closely tapered shingle with a slightly weathered coloration. It lends itself to quick and easy installation and is ruggedly designed to withstand the vagaries of weather.

Synthetic Mexican Thatch Rain Capes

It would be interesting to know that in ancient times, Mexican palm leaves were used as a form of clothing for protection against rain. The natural Mexican Thatch in palm leaves acts as a waterproof material, keeping the water out and safeguarding the user from wetness.

Woven to emulate the natural thatch sheets or capes, Synthetic Mexican Thatch easily stands out with their shaggy look. They are best suited for island or tropical retreats and are equally applicable for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. They are circular-shaped thatch that can easily go over the top of a frame or an existing umbrella or awning, resulting in a cool tropical look.

Synthetic Bali Thatch

Now put up the cherished Bali Hut with ease, speed, and economy with Synthetic Bali Thatch. Also known as Viro Thatch, it recreates the splendid look of natural Bali thatch without the trappings of frequent costly replacement and expensive maintenance.

This artificial thatch category is available in three different sub-varieties viz Full Virothatch Bali Tile, Full Virothatch Bali Tile with Waterproof Membrane, and Virothatch Bali Sub Roof Tile.

African Reed

A superb substitute to the yellow African grass, Synthetic African Thatch is available as a trimmed, coarsely textured, and longer reed. Whether you are looking to embellish your garden landscape or add a subtle African native touch to your project, the Synthetic Cape Town Thatch is a great option to consider.

Viva Palm

Bring tropical beauty to your backdoor with Viva Palm!

Remarkably resembling an authentic, natural palm leaf in both pattern and texture, Viva Palm, which is cut into a unique pattern from a textured shingle, is the synthetic alternative that can come closest to the real thing. It is available in ‘Deck with Waterproofing’ and ‘Open Frame’ configurations.

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